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The Ohio Veterans Association

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AMVETS Department of Ohio
The Elks Lodge
American Legion Post 254
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Camp Falling Rock
Memorial to SSG Matt Maupin
Who we are
Eagle Scouts
Ohio Veterans Home
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Our Tribute to Our Scouts
Prior Events in past years at T J Evans Park and Camp Falling Rock
Retiring the United States Flag Ceremony
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This page has music. Turn up the volume!

We are Veterans and Scouts who enjoy working together to entertain and support our veterans, and we have continued to do this, beginning in 2002.We provide a relaxing environment for our veterans, and veterans from the Ohio Veterans Home, Sandusky, Ohio.

We welcome all veterans of all wars,  active duty, and reserve members of the military, and their friends.

Here you will find new friendships and reunite with former buddies.

Our annual events are four day weekends in August. This year, our event begins on 15 August, and ends on 18 August, 2008.

Our veterans deserve recognition for their contributions to our way of life.  See slideshow below. We have added "Tuxedo Junction", a Glenn Miller arrangement.

We are grateful for Marcia Downes at The Works for displaying pictures from Moundbuilders and artifacts, and Jim Barton for his assistance during our tribute to our Greatest Generation at Moundbuilders Country Club.