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Welcome Home, Matt

SSG Matt Maupin

DoD Announces Change in Status of Army Soldier 

The Department of Defense today announced the change in status of a soldier supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom from missing-captured to deceased.  
The armed forces medical examiner confirmed on March 29, human remains recovered in Iraq were those of Staff Sgt. Keith M. Maupin, 24, of Batavia, Ohio.  
Maupin had been listed as missing-captured since April 16, 2004.  His convoy came under attack by individuals using rocket-propelled grenades and small arms fire on April 9, 2004.  
He was assigned to the 724th Transportation Company, Bartonville, Ill.   

This one is for Staff Sergeant Matt Maupin, a local soldier captured 4 yrs ago
and listed as missing in action. His remains were finally discovered
this past weekend March 29-30, 2008). He would have been 24 this July.
The insurgants put him on video after they captured him and televised 
it. Shortly thereafter another video was seen of a soldier as he was 
beheaded. But his family firmly believed it wasnt him. All 
we know is that his remains have been found, whether or not he was 
actually beheaded, we dont know (and they complain about how we treat 
our captives). But his family now has closure. President Bush called 
and offered his condolences. Matt's family has been to the White House 
several times at the request of the President. His family is not mad 
that he went and sacraficed his life. They are extremely proud of him. 
His family and many of their friends even marched in our local annual 
Baseball Opening Day Parade on Monday, proudly carrying Flags in honor 
of their son. 

I think President John F. Kennedy expressed it rather well when he said, 
"Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your
country." God Bless Matt Maupin, and all of our soldiers, Veterans,
past, present, future, living and deceased. Long Live Freedon. 


This tribute to our Fallen Heroes created by Terri Monnin. Click here to visit one true